How I Found Thousands Of Timeless Memories That I Thought Were Lost Forever!

Do you know where your photos are? I thought I did...

Do you remember the bad old days before digital photography?

I do. Every shot counted — and if you took a dud photo because someone sneezed or closed their eyes at the wrong time, there was no way to know until the (expensive!) results came back.

These days, it’s effortless to take thousands of photos and instantly bin the bad ones. However, this change just means there are new, equally vexing issues.

If you’re anything like me, you have thousands (if not hundreds of thousands, or even millions!) of photographs scattered across your digital world. All those smartphones, digital cameras, webcams… the list goes on – and that’s before you even include photos your partner and children have on theirs!

That’s a LOT of photos… and if you’re like me, you want to keep all those memories, so you put them all on your computer. Now, I don’t know about you, but who has the time to organize these thousands of photos? I’m talking organizing them into neat files, naming those files, combing them for duplicates, maybe uploading them to the cloud for safekeeping…

I just don’t have the time (or the patience!) for that! In the end, for all the convenience digital photography brings, it also asks for a lot of your time just to set them up so you can easily access them.

As frustratingly time-consuming and tedious as that might be, the alternative is even worse.

I should know….

The Heart-Stopping Realization of Losing a Photo You Love

We’ve all lost a photo in the big, bad world of digital photography. However, sometimes, the image is so much more than a photograph: it’s a precious memory. A snapshot of that perfect moment that makes it easy for you to relive it all over again.

Losing something that valuable can leave you feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut! One of my favorite photographs is of my Dad, who sadly passed away last year. Growing up, we were very close — I was Daddy’s little girl and the apple of his eye.

Our relationship never faltered, even as I flew the nest, got married, and had children. Dad was always there — and we met up every weekend, no matter what. When he passed, his absence hit me hard. Who would I turn to for advice? Who could comfort me when life got hard?

One morning, I decided that I should print out and frame my favorite photo of him to ease my grief. A photo of us visiting our favorite coffee shop that showed him at his happiest – one where his best qualities shone through. I snapped the picture just as my son (his grandson) was running towards him for a big hug!

I loved this photo because it represented the man I wanted to remember and celebrate. Not the old, sick, and profoundly frail man he had been in his last days.

But I couldn’t find the photo.

My God, I found hundreds of duplicates of photos where I was trying to get the perfect shot (why did I keep them?), but this one perfect shot was gone, my heart was breaking.

It wasn’t on my phone, nor on my computer, nor on my CDs. It just wasn’t anywhere! As I went through each device, I got more frantic. How could I be so careless? Had I deleted it with the slip of a finger in a distracted moment?

Eventually, my husband who suggested I check out some old laptops.

I was sure that I had moved the photos off there, but it didn’t hurt to try. I went through each dusty, almost fried, and painfully slow device with all my hope…

…But the photo was gone.

I couldn’t find it anywhere, and that photo was gone forever. Now, I could only rely on my memories, which I feared would slowly fade to gray and distort over time. All of that effort for nothing.

I felt like a huge idiot — and I had nobody to blame but myself for being so careless.

How a Little Device Called PhotoStick Came to the Rescue

Upset as I was, this frantic searching made me realize one VERY important thing. What’s the point of having millions of photos if you just can’t find them?

I was angry with myself for my own stupid carelessness, devastated that this beautiful photo was gone forever, and hated that this so-called ‘convenient’ technology had failed me.

Whether you organize or not, one day, you’re still going to find yourself going on a painful hunt for a single photograph on a cruddy, slow, and old device that you forgot to back up.

Perhaps you’ve already been there.

It hurts.

It was about this time I started seeing ads for “PhotoStick,” a little USB stick that you can put into your laptop that will automatically sort and organize every photo on that device.

Against my better judgment, I snapped it up — I felt like this could be my one last hope to find that photo (and I really couldn’t accept that I’d just lost it like that).

Besides, it had great reviews on Amazon — all these people couldn’t be wrong, could they?

Five days later, I had one in my hand. Although it looks just like a regular USB stick, it is packed with technology that hunts down photos of your drives, placing them in organized folders while deleting those pesky duplicates.

It’s all automatic, and it is incredibly thorough. You can see it in action in the video below (along with my excited reaction!)

Spoiler Alert: The device was even easier to use than I expected!

As you can see, this is incredibly easy to use. Plug the PhotoStick into your device, and a window opens with a huge green start button. All you do is press start, and PhotoStick gets to work.

How long it takes depends on how many photos you have. However, it’s still surprisingly quick: my PhotoStick was able to crunch through tens of thousands of pictures in just a few short minutes!

Once done, you can look through your photos, all organized perfectly with duplicates removed. For the first time ever, I was able to take a stroll down memory lane without digging through a mess of random files.

I spent the afternoon in the past, looking through pictures of my old dog, pictures of my grandson’s birth — and his graduation! I could barely believe this little device had done in a few minutes what I was unable to in decades!

But here’s the kicker…

I had saved that precious photo of my Dad on my laptop. It had just been so buried that I would never have found it!

All that pain from the day I wasted hyperventilating and searching for this elusive photo disappeared as I looked at my Dad’s warm, laughing face.

Here’s my lovely Dad grinning ear-to-ear when he saw my son running towards him.

I felt like I’d climbed Everest — and as battered as my emotions were, I was thrilled to have finally got this precious photo.

You bet I ran straight to the nearest shop with the PhotoStick, plugged it into their photo machines, and printed out the highest quality image possible, then put it in a gorgeous frame!

As I write this, Dad is right next to me in his frame — and like him, I can’t stop smiling. This quirky little device might not seem much to look at, but if you treasure your photographic memories, it is priceless!

These days, I back up everything with PhotoStick, and I can relax, knowing that all my photos are now organized and in a safe place.

What is PhotoStick and How Does PhotoStick Work?

PhotoStick is a small thumb-size USB drive that makes storing and organizing your digital photographs a simple, minutes-long ‘plug and play’ effort. Oh, and it also works with your home movies, too!

The great thing about PhotoStick is that you’re not limited to using it on just one computer. You can plug it into multiple computers (PC and Mac) to grab, store, and organize photographs on there, too.

If you’re terrible with computers, that’s fine. All you need to do to make this work is to plug it in and press the big green start button. If you can plug things in and press a big green button, you’re good to go!

Here’s another photo I saved with PhotoStick, taken back in 2005. It’s my much-loved (and very missed) dog Molly, picking the snow off her face on a snowy winter day. Just like the photo of my Dad, I thought it was gone forever.

My little Molly playing around in the snow!

Nope — just buried away somewhere I would never have found it!

PhotoStick Has Helped a MILLION People to Save Their Memories

My story is just one in a million – literally, because that’s how many people (and counting) use PhotoStick today. These aren’t paid reviews or fake testimonials — they’re genuine reviews from

Now, you might be thinking that such a useful service doesn’t come cheap…

But you’d be wrong!

This isn’t locked behind some annoying monthly subscription or a quarterly bill like everything else seems to have these days. That $10 a month to different companies and subscriptions sure adds up fast over a year – but this isn’t something you have to worry about with PhotoStick.

I love that there are still some businesses (like PhotoStick) out there that charge a simple, worry-free one-off payment, starting from just $34.99 – I can’t even get a nice dinner around here for that price!

PhotoStick 8GBPhotoStick 64GBPhotoStick 128GB
Up to 3,500 photos/videosUp to 30,000 photos/videosUp to 60,000 photos/videos

And, while $34.99 might seem a little pricey, it really isn’t.

This device saves you days organizing your photos or searching for the lost ones. This device means you’re not fighting with your computer and getting overwhelmed.

It makes accessing your precious memories lightning-fast without the frustration. If you have tens of thousands of pictures, then PhotoStick is absolutely essential. Save your time and upset to enjoy the memories!

Plus, PhotoStick currently has some fantastic deals — these can go as quickly as they come, so jump on them while you can!


As of the day this article was written, the following deals are still active:

  • PhotoStick 64 currently has a 1-day sale — get yours at a 37% discount today!
  • Buy additional PhotoSticks to get bigger discounts (gift them to friends and family!)
  • Get PhotoStick 128 to claim free shipping on top of a whopping 50% discount

Oh yeah… and they even stack!

You really won’t find anything else that can do what PhotoStick does — especially at this price point.

For me, PhotoStick meant finding one of my most cherished memories of my Dad at his happiest.

I came so close to admitting defeat — but in the end, this unassuming USB stick gave me back control of my photos in the easiest way possible.

The reviews on Amazon really do say it all! They were the ones that convinced me to at least try PhotoStick — and I couldn’t be happier with that decision!

The bottom line is simple. This is an inexpensive, fast, and easy way to organize all of your photos and find the ones you thought you’d lost forever.

That ability alone makes it priceless. Not just to me, but to 1 million other PhotoStickers out there!

If you’re struggling to find a precious old photo that you think is forever lost, don’t give up. Get PhotoStick and discover a treasure trove of lost memories sitting across your devices!

WARNING: Current stock levels on ThePhotoStick are LOW