My Family Mechanic Tried to Scam Me $1500 For A Cheap Fix

PLUS: How I caught a dangerous issue myself to know I was being ripped off before it was too late

One of the worst things a car owner goes through is the stress from when the check engine light comes on in your vehicle.

Even my husband, who is quite the handyman & mechanic, can’t help but second guess himself the moment that little light comes on. After-all, it could be anything from a tiny, laughable mistake (that’ll still cost an arm and a leg) or a serious breaking issue.

For the past week my car had been acting up and the check engine light was on. I HAD to bring it into a mechanic. I went as far as canceling my kid’s soccer practice because I was scared of driving and causing irreversible damage to the car!

Have you ever been in that situation? The light is on… it’s pretty scary. It could be something really major! Potentially putting you and your loved ones at risk.

Issues can even cause permanent damage to your car if you continue to drive it. Who knows what the problem is?! It’s impossible to tell just by a little light.

Ultimately, you’re going to have to take the car to the shop. And you’re going to have to trust what the mechanic says. You’re lucky if you can find a trustworthy mechanic… it always seems like you need to replace half your car when a mechanic takes a look under the hood.

That’s why this is such a handy device, by identifying the issue — if it’s a small one, you can save a lot of time, effort and money.

I got the device off an internet sale and I had to give it a go

Recently I saw an ad for this product, “FIXD”, that can identify any check engine light. I had heard of it before from a few friends that had seen it (one had already tried it) before and they spoke highly of the little device.

I decided to give it a try and placed an order.

It arrived just a week later and setting it up to my phone took only a minute. Just like that, I was ready to give it a spin.

I planned out everything. I was going to live record myself trying the device on my car and seeing if it can identify the problem, and then bring it right to the mechanic and see what they had to say first-hand.

I’ve heard of those “sketchy mechanics” before, but our family loves ours and had been going to the same one for nearly a decade, so I had a feeling he’d have my back. Even still I wanted to know what his opinion was of the little device!

You can watch a live video of me below trying it out for the first time!
(You won’t believe what our mechanic has to say!) 

Spoiler Alert: The FIXD device told me right away what the problem was… and … it was just a small $100 fix! I still was going to have to bring it into the shop, but knowing how much it was going to cost I wasn’t as worried.

The crazy part though — the mechanic I’ve known forever tried to rip me off! He was going to charge me over $1000! I took it to another mechanic on video and he confirmed the exact same issue the FIXD told me. I swapped mechanics that day and told my whole family!

I had stopped driving when the light came on! I was so worried about moving the car in case I wrecked the transmission or something and this small fix only cost me $100. If I didn’t have the FIXD I would have paid the mechanic I’ve trusted for a decade $1000 to fix my car.

Crazy Fact: I talked to our new mechanic afterwards about the FIXD and he told me he had the device in the shop. He said a bunch of shop owners have started picking them up because it is so much easier to operate than the alternatives.

That’s right, so they’re potentially charging you hundreds just to bring the car into the shop to use the device you can pick up for just $60!

FIXD was perfect for me, it identified the problem in seconds and even let me clear the light from the app so I knew it was a real issue.

With FIXD, even when you do have a serious problem. You’re going to know what the problem is before you see the mechanic. It lets you know right away who the “good” mechanics are and know approximately how severe the issue is.

The FIXD even helps you estimate what the actual repair costs should be!

It tells you exactly what’s wrong in plain English. It probably does a better job of explaining the issues than a mechanic could and DEFINITELY better than the internet can.

But my favorite thing about FIXD? It’s not the check engine light decoder, it also gives you maintenance reminders.

This was something I didn’t even know about the device. When I read the ad I thought it was just going to solve the check engine light for me but it’s so much more!

This is THE tool that will save car owners a ton of money.

It warns you when you should get an oil change

Also when you should check your coolant, inspect you air filter, when you need to get new tires or just fill them with air. There’s so many complicated things that most car owners don’t consider… and rightfully so!

There’s no need for everyone to become a car expert… not any more,

When you bring your car to the shop, they’re pressured to upcharge you. They run a business… and they need to bring in money. There’s really not much money in oil changes and tire rotations… so you end up getting upsold on a whole lot of stuff you really don’t need.

With FIXD, the power is in your court. You know exactly what needs to be done, and can avoid any unnecessary labor.

I’m so glad we discovered this genius device! It’s saved our family a lot of headaches and money.

How Does it Work?

The FIXD sensor works by plugging into the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port of your car. It’s the same port that mechanics hook their own code readers into.

NOTE: Every vehicle made in 1996 or later is required to have an OBD port. It’s typically located below the steering wheel, under the dash.

The sensor connects via Bluetooth to the FIXD App on your smartphone, where you can easily see a quick scan of all your car’s systems and any problems found.

No need to worry about what phone you have, FIXD is compatible with iOS and Android devices

FIXD alerts you of 7,000+ potential issues with your car in real-time.

The FIXD app shows you what’s wrong and how severe the problem is… in simple, easy-to-understand terms so you know what’s going on.

If it’s something simple like a loose gas cap, FIXD can turn off your check engine light right from the app.

This function is also helpful if you want to turn off the warning light to see if the error pops back up (sometimes a computer glitch will trip false errors).

If it’s a real problem that needs attention, this device arms you with the knowledge you need when talking to your mechanic. I guarantee you’ll be treated differently when you come in knowing what you’re talking about. That kind of confidence saves you money.

Sounds Great, But How Much Does it Cost?

With all the benefits FIXD provides, you’d think it would cost a few hundred dollars, right? That’s what makes this company so great. The founders of FIXD made it incredibly affordable so they can help as many people as possible avoid getting scammed by mechanics, while also staying on top of their car’s health.

It retails for just $59 + S&H. When compared to the cost of just one trip to the mechanics… it pays for itself the very first time your check engine light comes on! A small investment of a little more than that cost of an oil change can keep your car running smoothly and out of shady auto shops.

FIXD is having an introductory sale, and offering a “Buy 2 — Get 1 FREE” deal to all new customers.

WARNING: At the time this article was written, current stock on FIXD is LOW