The Best Android Apps Right Now — Try Them Out!

So, you’ve got your shiny new Android device and are looking for some Android apps that can make things a bit more “spicier”. Don’t worry, I got you covered with a list of the best Android apps that are available on the market as of 2020. 

If you have been an Android user before, there’s a big possibility that you have already heard about or used some of these apps, but that’s understandable because these apps are the BEST. This list won’t change so often until something spectacular comes along. So, without any further ado, let’s hop right into the first app.

Google Assistant:

If you have a modern Android smartphone, this app is already there on your phone. It comes built-in with the Google search app and works on the majority of Android smartphones. 

With that being said, Google Assistant has a ton of features and potential features for you to play with. It responds to your voice commands. You can make it perform certain tasks like playing music, opening different apps, doing simple math, answering your questions, controlling your house lights, and much more, just with voice commands. Google Assistant comes with tons of possibilities and hidden features hidden inside — go explore them!

Google Maps:

The big player in the navigation game is none other than the Google Maps. It gets frequent updates that add to the already respectable existing number of features. Alongside the basic navigation features, it comes with many advanced features like places of interest, traffic data, and directions to nearby gas stations and other utility stations. 

Nova Launcher:

If you’re someone who’s into their smartphone home screen customization, just like me, Nova Launcher is a nice replacement to your standard launcher. It has been around for many years, and it gets regularly updated. Throughout the years it has been around, it has achieved more and more popularity, and for good reasons. It’s got tons of customization features like icon pack support, light/dark theme support, grid customization, icon size customization, and many, many more. Trust me, there are tons of features for you to play around and explore.


Spotify is exactly not just an app, it’s a service. But on Android, you access that service through the Spotify app. It’s a music streaming service that comes with tens and millions of songs for you to listen to. Moreover, it comes with tons of podcasts for all these podcast addicts out there. With a premium subscription, you can search for any song in its huge database and play it with a mere tap. You can also download the songs for offline listening. 

Google Keyboard:

Google Keyboard is arguably the best Android keyboard that you can get (or already have) on your Android smartphone. It’s safe to say that this app owns the text suggestion and text correction game. Moreover, it comes with features like a built-in GIF search engine, a translator, clipboard manager, swipe typing, and many more. You can also customize the keyboard with various themes that are available in the settings section. If you’re not satisfied with the available themes, you can also create your own.

There you go, these are the best Android applications for you that’d streamline your Android experience. Don’t think, give them a try right now!