The Best Smartphones For You That Don’t Break The Bank

The newer generation will argue “Elders don’t need smartphones!”, but that’s not the case when it comes to people like me and you. I love tech, and I love poking my finger on a smartphone screen using all the features that are essentially available on all the newest generation $1000 smartphones. 

But I get it, due to the ever-shooting prices of modern smartphones, it’s not possible for everyone to get their hands on the latest and greatest offerings from the top brands. But not to worry, I have compiled a list of the best smartphones for elders that don’t break the bank. To begin with, let’s have a look at the new iPhone that just came along.

1. iPhone SE 2020:

The top smartphone on our list is, of course, the new iPhone SE 2020. It’s the latest offering from one of the top smartphone brands of the globe, Apple. iPhone SE 2020 is not exactly like what Apple releases on a per-year basis for their consumers, this one is different — and I think it just has the right ingredients to fulfill all our daily needs. 

The iPhone SE 2020 checks all the necessary boxes when it comes to ease-of-use and usability. It’s got a compact form-factor, so it’s not like all these heavy hammers out there that bother you in your pocket. It’s got a small 4.7” screen that’s perfectly usable with a single hand. It’s easy to hold so it doesn’t slip out and crack itself every once in a while. 

Powering the phone is Apple’s greatest smartphone processor, i.e., the Apple A13 Bionic. That sounds fancy, but what does it mean? It means the phone is FAST. The processor only has to power a small LCD screen —  couple that up with the incredible speed of the chipset and you get a phone that’s never going to lag. 

It’s got a battery that doesn’t sound so great on paper, i.e., a small 1821mAh battery — but don’t let the numbers fool you. The screen that it has to power is pretty small. That being said, its screen doesn’t consume as much battery as all these other modern 6.5”+ screens do. The battery will last you a day of normal usage just fine. 

But what about the camera? You do need a great camera to take pictures of your kids and your pet. No worries, the iPhone SE takes great photos. Yes, it doesn’t have all the fancy perks and features of multi-lense cameras on other smartphones, but who cares? I’m personally down for a smartphone camera that takes great photos consistently, rather than letting me play around with fancy telephoto and ultrawide lenses.

2. Samsung Galaxy A51:

Not everyone prefers the soft and simple approach of Apple — some want the diversity and “coolness” of the Android side of things. For all those Android-y people out there, here comes the Samsung Galaxy A51. 

It’s the latest offering from Samsung in the sub $400 range — but it got plenty of bells and whistles for you to play with. 

Unlike the iPhone SE, the A51 doesn’t only focus on checking the “necessity” boxes but also grants plenty of things to brag about. To begin with, it’s got a large, 6.5” edge-to-edge display with a fancy punch-hole for the selfie camera on the top — yay, no more bezels. The screen is bright and vivid as it’s based on AMOLED technology rather than the standard LCD that’s found in the iPhone SE.

The CPU powering up this phone may not be as fast as Apple’s, but it certainly gets the job done. All the standard smartphone tasks should be a breath in a deep fresh breeze.

It got 4 camera sensors on the back for you to play with. You can use the ultrawide sensor to take group photos of your entire family, or you can use the macro camera to take close-up shots of your garden flowers — you got the options. 

It’s got a massive 4000mAh battery that should be able to take you through a day of heavy usage with ease.

3. Google Pixel 3a:

Last year’s affordable offering from the tech giant, Google. Pixel 3a is the best selling Pixel phone ever, and for good reasons. It’s got everything that’s needed for an ideal affordable smartphone experience, plus, it got a top-of-the-line camera — all for a sub $400 price tag. 

It’s got a middle ground form-factor and a moderate screen size of 5.6”. It’s easy to hold and handle. The screen is sharp and vivid as it’s an OLED panel rather than a standard LCD. 

Powering the phone is a respectable CPU called the Snapdragon 670. It’s got enough power to handle everything you throw at it. 

On the camera side of the things, it’s got a single camera — but it comes with Google’s “Photo magic”. Google is well-known for its photo processing software and the Pixel 3a doesn’t disappoint either. It’s safe to say this thing has got the best smartphone camera you can get in this price segment. 

It’s got a moderately-sized 3000mAh battery that should last you through a day of medium to heavy usage with ease.

There you got, these are the top 3 best smartphones in 2020 for elders. Pick any of them up according to your needs and preferences, and you won’t be disappointed.